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Johnnie “Johnnie D.” Glover is a longtime Radio/Music Executive and Entrepreneur who has positioned himself to be one of the next Power Players in the live events industry.   A true innovator, Johnnie D. has made his mark on the entertainment business by utilizing his talents to collaborating with major brands, Radio & TV outlets, record labels, and artist/entertainers to generate millions of dollars in revenue from producing successful events and campaigns.


Today, after a $1,000,000.00 investment from a private investor, Johnnie D. has opened the doors to Glover Global Entertainment, LLC.  The company is a one stop shop for producing concerts, curating events, and booking artist/celebrities. Glover Global Entertainment, LLC is dedicated to connecting the world to their  favorites artist, and delivering some of the most explosive's concerts, content, and events through an elevated experience. In addition, Glover Global Entertainment , LLC. has formed solid relationships/partnerships with major concert promoters including Live Nation, AEG, The Black Promoter Collective, and several independent promoters around the country.

Over the last 17 years as a Radio/Music Executive he was able to simultaneously perfect his skills as a Event Curator, Booking Agent, and Concert Producer.  Johnnie D. was able to both independently, and collectively assist record labels, radio stations, and concert promoters with over 200 events/tours/concerts that has generated well over $80 Million dollars in revenue.


A trendsetter & leader in the radio industry, Johnnie D. has made major contributions to some of the nations most iconic radio brands to include  107.5 WGCI (Chicago), WVAZ V-103 (Chicago), 92.3 WPWX (Chicago, WVEE V-103 (Atlanta) , 95.5 WPGC (Washington DC), 103.3 WPHI (Philadelphia), WQHT HOT 97 (New York), WHHL HOT 104.1 (St. Louis), and WFUN 96.3 R&B (St. Louis).  Johnnie D. has been able to form partnerships that has impacted the careers of some of the world’s biggest Artist, Music Executives, and  Business Leaders that has cultivated long lasting relationships.

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